What would you like to know
about Carlos and his work?

It was long trip around Sicily an we felt tired. Lovely landscape surrounding us silent, sunset. We were looking for something to eat any local restaurants but emptiness was not positive. Then we have spotted little way to the hill with sign of food and accommodation. Didn’t think too much – lets go there. When we arrived incredible view welcoming us. Little restaurant door were open, olives, tomatoes, basil and other herbs tempting our senses.

We have take a sit and wait for waiter. From next door live siciliano music made atmosphere even more pleasant. We have asked waiter who just arrived about menu card. He smiled and said: we do not have a menu card – tell me what you want to eat and we will do it for you. The best dinner we ever had. Incredible taste at good company. This story reminded me how my friends and customers look at my work happy with expectations and results.

Just tell me what you want…

How other professional
photographers see Carlos

As a portrait photographer, you have a vision that you want to achieve. A person will hire you for your final product. I wouldn’t deviate from what you do as your vision, your way of shooting. If someone is going to hire you, but wants a different final product that you currently deliver, why would they hire you? Why not find someone that processes the way they like?

I’m getting to this; don’t change your vision for a customer. Do what you do and stay true to that. Personally, the final two images you posted are 10X better than the first 3. It’s the way they look. The first 3, honestly, snapshot quality. Both of the final 2 are very good, and possess a ‘signature’ to them, yours. This should be why folks hire you.


A lot of what was just said above is true, but maybe in a different sense. There is a very successful professional on here that talked about this. He said “His style, his processing is his product. He’s worked hard to develop that look, and is clearly represented in his portfolio. People retain him because of his product.” 

It’s like if you go to a Chevy dealer and say I want that model but I want a Ford grill. In photography as in any product, differentiation in a competitive market is what brings in sales. Just be sure to stay abreast of trends, so if you need to “change the grill” you can make adjustments.